My progress

I’ve been on my…what I call..healthy options plan. I hate the word diet because it has a bad rep and most people think that eventually you are off your diet after you lose your weight. What happens after a diet….you gain you’re weight back…well that’s certainly the case for me. 

This plan I’m on, I’ve come to realize that I will ALWAYS be on the plan. I’ve watched so many videos of people who’ve started this plan and while their need for the replacement meals lessen once you’ve reached your optimal weight goal they are always on the plan.  It must be that way because what you learn is very invaluable. 

It’s a new way of thinking about food, finding out what works best for your body cause lord knows each of us is totally different than someone else and what works for me may not work for you. 

Example: I love bread, pasta and rice! Could eat it all the time but my body…Nope! It goes right into the places I don’t want it; hips, bottom and thighs!   I am sure over the course of this plan I will learn how much of it I can tolerate and still maintain my healthy weight. That’s what so awesome about this plan is that it teaches you to listen to your body and learn portion sizes and you get to eat SIX times a day! How awesome is that! 

So…I’m on my way. In just 8 short weeks I’ve lost 29 lbs! 

I really hate my picture taken! I’m not very photogenic!! But you can definitely see the change! I’m going to be crude here….but finally!!! My boobs stick out farther than my stomach!! Yippee!  And my butt is way smaller!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Ali šŸ˜Š


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