Becoming healthy……

cause I’m worth it.  Funny thing! I started this blog to post ideas, sewing projects , tips etc.  I realized shortly after that I wanted that blog to be named something else, so this one sat for a very long time…until now. 

I’m doing this blog for me. To put down my thoughts, my worries, my failures and my successes! 

From the time I was a little girl I was the tall and skinny girl! In fact a bit too skinny. Standing at 5′ 9″ I was 105 lbs in high school. That all changed the day I started having babies! I’ve fluctuated from 185 to 135 ….to 165 to 200 ….to 260 to 185 back to 245! 

From the age of 20 to nearly 50 I’ve struggled with weight! I’ve been and used every diet you can possibly think of. 

TOPS, Weight watchers, the Diet Center, Slim Fast, Medifast, Atkins, ….listed in no particular order.  This doesn’t include the various wraps, pills, drops, that I used to lose weight!   With all of them I had some success …some better than others but always gained the weight back! 

Over the years in this processed food world we live in has brought a sluggish metabolism, and various health issues.  Society seems to have this delusion that fat people are lazy and that if we would just put down the fork and get some exercise we’d all be thin. The simple way of looking at weight loss is calories in calories out! I did that too… Didn’t work. What society doesn’t understand is that people are overweight for each individual reason. Not two people are fat for the same reasons….so why treat or expect the two to have the same results when losing weight. 

For some, losing weight is simple while others like myself struggle. I’m tired of struggling. Getting up each morning and trying to find clothes to be flattering but hiding my rolls of fat. I’ve known for a very long time that traditional ways of losing weight are not going to work for me but I’ve just not known how to or find that way that will work. 

That time is now and I’ve come across a holistic clinic. What I’ve learned is that if you have an unhealthy body system you will be stricken with health issues. For me those issues are hormonal imbalance, thyroid deficiency, sleeping disorders to name a few. My body is fighting against me. 

So…this is the beginning of a quest…a quest not to just lose weight but to get my life back!!  I swear when I get to my healthy spot…I’m gonna have a huge Bon fire and burn some fat clothes!  

doing a jig!!
My son took this one!
The two pictures were taken in the past few months. I will be posting a full body shot later. 

Please remember if you’re reading this and you have good tips, stories to share, encouragement to give…I’ll take them all. If you come here to criticize I will remove any comment you make. 

I don’t know if anyone will read this blog and that’s okay.  I’m doing this blog for me but if along they way I can help someone  feel normal or feel anything because being overweight is not easy…then I’ll walk away happy. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Ali 😊

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