Changing habits

its funny how bad habits are easy to form and good ones are extremely difficult. It’s been about two weeks since I started my transformation and I’ve had good days and bad ones. 

One thing I have to stop doing is getting on that darn scale! It ain’t doing me any favors!! BUT since starting my supplements from my holistic doctor I am noticing the cravings for sweets diminishing! And for me….that’s HUGE! GIGANTIC! ENORMOUS! any other words ?? Probably! I use to have a sweet snack every single night before bed. Pop tarts, chocolate milk, candy, cookies …anything I could get my hands on. If I couldn’t find anything ….I’d make cinnamon toast!  (A family favorite when I was a kid). I now take water to bed with me! 

So even though I haven’t lost an ounce (yes …it’s only been two weeks)…and I certainly shouldn’t expect the weight to go quickly….but one can dream..right?? I’m very happy that my cravings are not as strong. 

I still get them from time to time…especially at the grocery store at the check out line where all the chocolate candy is readily available and on SALE most of the time!! But I have to say I have abstained from buying any!!

So…this is me….moving forward. Some days I take a step back and others….full speed ahead!!

Thanks for listening 

Ali 🙂

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